Wal-mart Cutting iPhone 4 Price to $147

Wal-mart will sell Apple’s iPhone 4 for $147 at all its locations.  This deal will only be around for a limited time, ending at the end of the month.

The deal is only for the 16 MB iPhone 4 and requires a two year contract.  The 32MB iPhone 4, a retail value of $299, will not be included in the deal.  The iPhone will be available for both AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers.  However, the devices will be returning to their regular retail value of $199 after the July 1st deadline.  If interested in the deal, there may be some relevant information yet to come out about the availability of the mobile devices.

A spokeswoman for Wal-mart, Tara Raddohl, indicated that there is imbalance in the amount of AT&T devices to their counterpart Verizon Wireless.  Currently 2,200 Wal-mart stores sell the AT&T devices while only 600 provide the model for Verizon Wireless.  Ms. Raddohl says that the imbalance will be addressed soon.  She also indicated that the Walmart stores selling iPhones are the only ones participating.  Therefore, it is important to make sure your local Wal-mart sells them.  The deal is not available on the Wal-mart website.

Originally, I believed the cut price to be a result of an announcement for the iPhone 5 at the WWDC.  Previous iPhone models usually were released by this point in the year. However such an announcement never occurred.  Indeed, when iPhone 5 is released the value of the iPhone 4 should fall to its discounted price–a policy that has been in place for previous models since its onset.

Alas, this is only a Wal-mart decision.  Wal-mart hopes to maintain their image as a business that can provide discounted products to its customers.  Providing discounted Apple products, with their obvious popularity, will help garner more attention and add to that reputation.




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