Windows 8 to Make Microsoft More Competitive in Tablet Computer Market

Windows 8 hopes to catch up to their competitors in the tablet computer market.  They hope to do this by making noticeable changes to the Windows interface.  Using apps and technology primary to mobile devices, Microsoft decidedly carved out a path for more of their devices to be Windows 8 ready.  It is their intent to create a niche for themselves in an already sizzling tablet computer in news

Currently, a goal that is gaining steam is catching up to and eventually eclipsing Android.

“Consumers prefer Windows to Android on tablets by a wide margin: 46 [percent] of U.S. consumers considering buying a tablet prefer Windows on that tablet, compared with 9 [percent] who prefer Android, according to a Forrester study conducted in January 2011.”  This report provides promising news of Microsoft.  Being at a higher advantage because of the popularity and widespread use of their products, Microsoft has a strong partner to help combat their relatively insignificant mobile computer numbers.

Indeed, Microsoft’s Windows 8 would help push their 2012 line of products–despite what little is known about it.  However, because Apple controls a substantial size of the tablet computer market at 70%, Microsoft will inevitably be playing on Apple’s turf.  By 2012, iPad will be releasing their third generation model, whereas Microsoft would have just joined the fray.

Ultimately, the success of Windows 8 will determine the success of their future products. With its revamping, there remains just a tiny bit of doubt, and maybe just a hint of  risk.  Should be interesting no doubt.



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