Windows 8 Unveiled at L.A. Conference

microsoft in newsMicrosoft is finally unveiling the Windows 8 OS at a L.A. conference today.  Windows 8 is expected to be a large component to Microsoft’s shift to cloud-based products and services.

Steve Ballmer, the Chief Executive for Microsoft, boasted about the progress they are making with cloud computing.  He proclaims that they have over 40,000 partners that are ready to fully support the transition to the cloud-based software and services.

As for Windows 8, Steve Ballmer could hardly hold his excitement.  The new OS is designed to work with smaller computer chips.  This means that it could be used on a variety of devices–ranging from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers.

Tami Reller, lead marketer for Microsoft Windows examined how they went about changing the interface for Windows 8.  She illuminates the notion of a complete overhaul to traditional Windows appearances and utilities.  “We designed Windows 8 from the ground up to be excellent for touch-only tablets — and to work well with the keyboard and mouse”.

The conference is normally a large success–drawing crowds up to 15,000 business professionals.  The unveiling of Windows 8 and the focus on cloud computing was the primary focus of Microsoft’s presentations.       



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